Protect Your Makeup; Stop the Spread of COVID-19

Author : Shalyn


With the COVID-19 spreading at an alarming rate and so many unanswered questions you probably are asking yourself what can I do to protect myself.


1. Social Distancing

Currently most if not all 50 states have a current stay at home order. To avoid gatherings bigger than 3 people and to maintain 6 feet in between each individual. Although this means there may be no spring break, no fancy beach parties, and no prom, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t have a great time on Facetime.


2. Proper Hygiene

Yes Beauty Babe, proper hygiene. Now to most of us that’s a no brainer. However, to many out there this is all very new. If you have walked into many stores you may have noticed that there are almost zero cleaning supplies available and very few selection of body washes. The best preventive medicine for any virus or sickness is washing your hands and body properly with soap and warm water.


Which needs to the next one we all really care about .. MAKEUP!

Our makeup touches are face everyday, especially our hotspot: eyes, nose, mouth. Makeup gets in our pores. The best idea and easiest way to take care of this is throw away all your makeup and start fresh. Let’s be serious, makeup is expensive and in times like this no one can afford to just go out and buy wants. So theres two steps we are proposing to preserve our makeup babes.


Step 1. Makeup

Go through all your makeup separate between expired, what your wear, and what you don’t like. If it’s expired than babygirl it’s time to toss it. If it’s something you wear often put them aside and if you don’t like it but it’s something you may have to wear in exchange of your expired makeup that you like. For lipstick you can take floss and cut off the first few layers. For palettes and and blushes you can take an antibacterial wipe them down. If you want you can dig out a layer or too. But dig at your own choice.

Step 2 Clean Brushes

Next with a brush cleaner of your choice proceed to cleaning your brushes. If you don’t have brush cleaner, then you can use facial cleanser or even antibacterial soap. I used brush cleaner first round then the next round of cleaning I used antibacterial soap. Follow up with a drying method of your choice.


Now if all of this sounds like way too much work for your liking, then don’t even sweat it babe. Head on over to the Shop tab and restock all your beauty needs. Nothing is more important than your health and safety, so most importantly stay home, save lives.

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