More Money, More Lashes!

Never put yourself in a financial bind for lashes, even if they’re our 3D premium Mink lashes. Shalyn’s Beauty Bar takes pride in providing all their Beauty Babes with quality products at a price that doesn’t compromise their financial stability.

What if I’m not in a position to purchase anything? I don’t know anything about budgeting or financial stability.

That’s ok babe. That is why we are here! To provide you with the basic fundamentals and encourage you to get back on track. That’s the beauty of being a beauty who is a forever learner; we are never ashamed or afraid to admit we don’t know or understand something.

So grab yourself some pen and paper and listen in on our podcast - 12 Steps to Financial Readiness. You can listen to the lesson with the link below.

Remember babe,

Growth is inevitable.”

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